Type of People Who Bets on Sports

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Approximately $ 3 billion in sports betting is conducted annually. A 2008 Gallup poll found that, over the past 12 months, 1 in 6 Americans had bet on sports, and that didn’t even count for the millions of people playing fantasy sports that can theoretically be seen as a form of betting. Sports betting Malaysia is indispensable, and part of any sports conversation — there is a reason why magazines, forums, and television shows still discuss football lines as they do pre-game chat. Nevertheless, every aspect of the sporting community has its cast of characters, and sports betting definitely has a special crop. If you’re interested in online casino Malaysia, click here.

  • Mafia


A new report by the European Union found that 530 soccer matches from 2008-2011 were “skeptical,” suggesting THEY WERE PROBABLY FIXED BY LARGE INTERNATIONAL CRIME SYNDICATES AKA DA MOB. Mafias around the world do not hang out of Model-T Fords and shoot up bars with Tommy guns, but they definitely do rather illegal things, including money laundering and betting on income sports. But because this is the mafia and not just some loser hunched over a screen making bets in Hollywood, they put a gun on some loser’s head to make wise bets and then fix the matches.


  • Money Player


This wealthy guy could use $100 bills as tablecloths if he wanted to, but because sports betting can make a potential profit while growing one’s ego at the same time, they go for it. But make no mistake, this man is rich because he’s hooked to money, so he’ll be bothered by constant loss to the point where he buys scratch-offs or lotto tickets for a fast hit.


  • Corrupted gambler


The “psychotically competitive guy who can’t just walk away” is one step away from being that, and a retirement fund loss. They face suffering and take it all back several times, becoming more violent and motivated with every fortune they make. You just belong in rehab if you know anyone like that, because it’s simply a sad, messed up way to live.


  • Claims to have a job


The lot should look like urine, wear the very same dark jacket and have at least eight cavaties every day. They look homeless, and may actually be, but keep pulling out decent cash size wads to bet on various horse and greyhound races. They treat shop staff like friends, and may even touch women employees, but their jittery charisma screams “wild, helpless and unloved.” Only smile and nod as they make casual contact with you because that’s just the kind of people they are. Be nice with someone who only bets $25 on a horse named “One Way Ticket to The Glue Factory” about starting future knife battles.


  • Argument equals to a gamble


Each crew has at least one friend’s conflictive person. He still argues or expresses his unwelcome opinion about others, and nobody feels good about it even though he is right. This friend will throw 20 bones on the table and demand a bet when he is fed up that his reasoning (which is unwavering and 110 percent right in his mind) fails to make an impact on his victim. And it’s generally always about the stupidest, most insignificant stuff. 

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