Factors to Consider in Choosing a Web Designing Agency

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If you have stumbled across this article when looking for keywords such as “how to pick a web design agency” or “how to choose the best web agency,” then you might have been confused by all the statements made by different web agencies. This is what the internet is all about, you see. We call this the battlefield of cowboys, where everybody is armed (with claims) with inadequate evidence or law to check on them.

Throughout these years, we have come across a reasonable proportion of customers who signed up with other agencies before engaging us, web design penang, but had to abandon their project with them because of the standard falling short of what was promised. Having just celebrated the 9th anniversary of our business, we thought it was a good time for us to share our thoughts on this common subject candidly.


The internet is a competitive market, so you need to work with an agency who understands, has the requisite resources and knows how to execute your business goals and target audience. As your website will be your company’s online face, you need to make sure tourists and potential customers get the best possible brand experience to thrive and convert. This article is intended to provide business owners with a brief overview of the variables they need to consider when engaging in the hunt for a web design agency.


  • Check their office size and location


The office position shows a great deal about the web design agency itself in assessing their reputation and legitimacy. Serviced office addresses may sound amazing, but this may be an indication that they use a “virtual office” only, indicating they are a start-up that may not be that experienced in the industry yet. If in doubt, you can arrange a visit to their office with the agency or you can google their office address and see if they post pictures on their Google page. It is important to know that the agency of your choice does not pose any risk of fraud and, at the same time, provides its employees with a decent working atmosphere.


  • The quality of their design


In this point, to ensure quality designs that drive visitors to your website, there are three aspects that you need to watch out for: user-centred design, aligned with design trends and an impressive portfolio. It is important to have beautiful designs, but a good web agency knows it should be about establishing a user-centred design. To conclude this, it should not come without saying that their portfolio of previous works should be reviewed to get an understanding of their design methodology and method of growth. This is a positive indication that they have a solid portfolio of renowned customers. Don’t be too inspired, though, as some agencies in their portfolio just use dummy/template designs.


  • Check their online reviews


Online reviews give you an insight into the working of the web agency: actions, strategies, value-added service, professionalism, and more. It gives you a detailed understanding of the organisation when you see personal feedback from former customers who have had experience with them first-hand. On Google, Glassdoor, and even Facebook, you can look for feedback on them.


Be alert, however, since some of these, whether positive or negative, maybe false. Overly-eager and optimistic feedback can be from fake accounts and negative ones with derogatory and derogatory messages can be from vengeful customers and ex-staff. See the ones are genuine and have an objective view of their business experience. These reviews will assist you in deciding which web agency to engage with your website.

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