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In the age where we are living in fear of being infected by the deadly COVID-19 virus, we are getting more and more used to staying indoors and only coming out of our safe havens only when it is necessary. It is seen that many people are taking self-precautions to keep ourselves and our families safe in this dire situation of the year. Despite the government making lousy amendments in regards to this matter because they know that a lot of banning and restrictions will cause the fluctuation of the economy that will soon be followed suit by plummeting economy which can worsen from now onwards. In Malaysia, we are coming towards the days where the restrictions are lifting up little by little. This is because a lot of people need to execute their daily routines and being cooped up all day long in their homes is not making any progress for their living stability. When this happens, we get to see that actually many Malaysians are able to lawfully follow the needed rules in keeping everyone safe. 


As we are trying to minimize our time being outside for too long but we still need some human and social interaction within a week of staying indoors, here are some of top café recommendations that you and your friends can go to enjoy good coffees, desserts and food before retreating into hibernation again. 

Cake Jalan Tiung

Located in Shah Alam with a few successful branches around this area, Cake Jalan Tiung or people mostly just call CJT for short has been making great impressions in regards to their cakes and drinks that are made and managed by a couple of young, great people. Not only are their menus amazingly a lot to choose, they also never forget and neglect the ingredients quality used for each cake. Now, onto the architecture and the whole layout structure of this café. It is impeccably perfect for you to chill out and catch up with your friends but also suitable for your alone time that is reserved to play mega888. The whole ambience of this café is surely the best for every occasion you want to have here. 

Fei Dan Ali

Located in Seksyen 9, Shah Alam, Fei Dan Ali is a great gourmet restaurant for you to feast as much as you can. They have a wide range of food served to satisfy your palette’s cravings. The menus are super variety that they range from western to cuisine meals. Not only that, they are also a long-standing champion in their desserts which are super popular such as their popcorn drinks and also their beautiful cakes. You can never get away from this café without testing their signature menus that are one of the contributing factors of their well-known reputation amongst the customers. Their overall ambience is pretty awesome too. It is very suitable for those who wish to have chilled out conversations with their friends and to just relax while enjoying their food to the fullest.

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