4 Things You Need to Know About What an Architect Does

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Being an architect is an interesting profession in that you actually have plenty of roles. You can be a designer, creating the building’s schematics as per the specifications of the client. You can be the coordinator, where you will be responsible for communicating with the different stakeholders such as contractors, engineers, etc. And you can even become a planner as well, where you will decide (or at least, provide a rough estimate) of how long the project will last.

Basically, an architect is a well-rounded person that is licensed and sanctioned by the state or the country to provide architectural services. They typically work in architecture firms (such as the ones in Malaysia) and would cater to clients from within the premises.

Today, I am going to talk about the things that you need to know about what an architect does.

The Designing Aspect

As previously mentioned, architects can don plenty of roles. They pretty much make designs for buildings- both the interior and the exterior aspects of it. The building not only has to look good but it also has to structurally sound and safe to use as well; not to mention that it has to be functional for all of the inhabitants.

Aside from that, they will ensure that the size and the function of the building are appropriate. They use materials that are within the range of the client’s budget, and they help emphasize the key aspects of the project so that the layman (client) can understand it very well.


Aside from coming up with building designs, they also have the role of securing the necessary permits and licenses as well since you will not be able to construct a building with the government’s permission.

That being said, their designs should take into consideration the building codes that are set by the local government, zoning bylaws, green architecture principles, and many more to create suitable environments for the people who are going to use the building.


Another role that architects can fill is the role of a consultant. When a client wants to make a home renovation, for example, the architect will ask some details about their existing building so that they can create designs that will maximize the available space.

They will also visit the main site as well to see what other things can be done to improve the structure. If the building is no longer fit for specific renovations, the architect may tell the client that a major makeover will be done in order to keep the building safe to use.


Lastly, architects can fill the role of a manager. Once the construction of the building commences, they will visit it from time to time to inspect what is done to the structure.

They will carefully inspect both the outside and the inside of the building to see if the building plans and blueprints are followed to the tee.

Also, after visiting the site, the architect can provide feedback and tell the client about the construction’s progress.

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